Posted by: Benneth | May 18, 2010


Once in a while, everyone will reach a crossroad of their life. I have come to a point where I reached another in my life. Dreams or stability. I really not sure which one to choose. Cast your vote people. Which one.

Posted by: Benneth | April 22, 2010

Doesn’t really matter, does it?

Does it really matter? Does it really count? Was it useful at all?

I don’t think so.

Posted by: Benneth | April 19, 2010

20 already

Yeah, the day has finally come again. I am 20.

I would like to thanks dear for the awesome present. I really like it a lot. Thanks.

I would also like to thanks the following

– Mandy

– Zhao Hwee

– JunHui

– Xin Quan

– Alastair

– Randford

– Piyathip

– Linda

– Sarah

– Liyana

– Greg

– Jazz


– Kar Shing

– Deborah

– Adi

– Karilynn

– Raymond

– Jian An

– Cindy

– Chuan Jie

– Alice

– Cassandra

– Brenda jie

– Shirley

– Ming Liang

– Mei Ting

– Chun Fu

– Xiao Mei (Joanna)

– Xin Hui

– Duan Gui

Alright, don’t be jealous. This is in an random order. So yeah. Thanks.

Thanks for the dinner too guys and woman. You know who you are.

And yeah, I’m happy. I think

Posted by: Benneth | April 14, 2010

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Posted by: Benneth | February 1, 2010


After all these while, listening to so many songs. I have decided some songs that can be used in a major part of my life.

Marriage – Waltz of the moon

Funeral – Ventus Theme, Roxas Theme

I am just bored that’s all.

Posted by: Benneth | January 5, 2010


Well, I kicked off 2010 with a BANG! Literally. I almost got banged by bus and cars while riding bicycle cause was a bit giddy. Then, I got BANG by the freaking major project which is freaking me out. Got a job which I wasn’t 100% confident which I hope I can do well in it.

Elaine also started school already. Both of us gonna get busy. She is staying in hostel, so talking time will be lessen. In any case, hopefully January  and February will pass soon along with the job and project. Urging February to come soon and spend a week with her.

Posted by: Benneth | December 22, 2009

1 and a half day

21/12 & 22/12. Fastest moving day ever for me. Long rides, I really do mean really long rides and walk. Went to make my passport on the 21st. Rushed from one point to another, urging those people to finish it quickly. When it was done, when to Orchard to find Kaikuan. Glad to see her, although tagging along with her relatives seems very very weird. Brought her home with her relatives. Chatted under the block for around an hour and went home from Jurong.

22nd, went to watch movie with her. We wanted to spend more time together, but sadly we only had a movie time together. Wasn’t really sad about that, cause there is nothing we can do about it when there are overruling adults. Got to wait till next year. I love the present that she gave me. Gonna change my habit.

Posted by: Benneth | November 29, 2009

Major Major Project

Alright, a lot of things happened. Managed to get my supper sessions with my favorite friends. Then, also get to go to HTA where we play with guns and bang bang. Nothing much happened this week. Just have to start on the story board, go to IT Fair and eat with friends, parents not at home over the weekend, having a new theme song for you know who, “open open close close open open close” Yeah, that’s about it.

Posted by: Benneth | November 21, 2009

One week later

After 3 months in Vietnam, I am officially home. It’s been great. Good friends, family, home, TV, internet that won’t really disconnect, outings, shopping malls and tons of great stuff. Feels great. Thats all.

Posted by: Benneth | November 6, 2009

Oh, bring me home

WHOOO! Finally, left one more week in this alternate world of craziness. Well, its not really an alternate world. Just a different country that’s all. These 2 months and 3 weeks let me see the dark side of a country. Really dark and stupid side of it actually. Things that shouldn’t be done were done. Things that should be done in a better way wasn’t done. Totally different from what we Singaporeans expect. Well, different country different point of view.

Going back next week, deciding on which to buy. PS3 or DS? Both have games that I wanna play. So many things to buy, so little cash.

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